Toronto's Fabulous Arts & Fashion Week 2014

by Kristen 16th April 2014

Toronto Arts & Fashion Week 2014

Hosted by Fashion Art Toronto (FAT), it will take place at Daniel's Spectrum – a newly developed cultural hub in the downtown east neighbourhood.

Held annually in April, this event showcases 200 Canadian and international fashion designers and artists for over 5,000 guests, including buyers, curators, the media and fashion and art lovers.

The show aims to redefine our perception of the fashion phenomenon through a week-long multi-media extravaganza.

The itinerary includes works from photographers such as David Hou, Ellen Snowball and Hans Withoos; fashion film screenings such as objects in mirror are closer than they appear, by Jacqueline Andrade; musical performances by Stuart Reid; and art installations by Boja Vasic, Vanessa Cornell and Tara O'Connor. Some designers whose works will be gracing the catwalk include Adam X Atelier, Baby Steinberg, Candydrip, Eolith, House of Etiquette and many more.

Toronto Arts & Fashion Week Schedule (see FAT website for detailed exhibit itineraries)

Tuesday, April 22: Earth/Industry

Wednesday, April 23: Grit/Glamour

Thursday, April 24: Masculine/Feminine

Friday, April 25: Cult/Culture

Saturday, April 26: Minimal/Extreme


Ticket Prices

General Admission Day Ticket: $35 (access to any one day event); $45 at the door

Guest Week Pass: $100 (access to all 5 days of events)

Photography Week Pass: $85 (access to Media Pit for all 5 days of events)

Industry Week Pass: $85 (access to all 5 days of events – fashion/art related industry members)

Student Day Pass: $30 (access into one day of the festival; only available at the door)

Tickets can be purchased at Daniel's Spectrum at 585 Dundas St. East from 6pm-12am.

The designers will be supporting “The Alternative Model Movement,” which looks for a more accessible and relatable look within the models that will be walking down the runway. This campaign and others like it seek to represent the consumer and everyday person more than is typical in the fashion industry. The “ALT” Models are looking to support social issues such as positive body image, diversity and broadening the idea of 'beauty'.

Posted by Kristen
Wednesday, 16th April 2014, 10:07pm.
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