It's Time to Go Mobile, Toronto!

by ChelseO 12th May 2014

Mobile marketing, a medium predicted to exceed desktop Internet usage this year, is incredibly effective. The landscape is expanding as device popularity grows and shifts - a great portion of users keep their smartphones on them at all times (don't you?). That said, it's time to go mobile, Toronto - the following are a few great reasons to jump on the bandwagon ASAP.

It's Time to Go Mobile, Toronto!

Having a mobile version of your website expands your reach and boosts your traffic. A whopping 23% of Web users only use the Internet via mobile devices, which means you're able to access more customers than ever before. Potential clients can visit on-the-go from their smartphones and tablets. If your mobile website is easily accessible and simple to use, people will spread the word.

Nowadays, mobile is everywhere and it's key to keeping up in the digital industry. The market is competitive and staying on-par with the competition is a must – why not do this by offering a streamlined, functional experience online, from any device? Microsoft Tag states that 50% (that's a lot!) of all local searches are conducted via these handheld implements. That number is only likely to rise, making mobile a truly essential investment.

With so many benefits, there's no question that going mobile is the thing to do. Get started on your new project today and enjoy improved reach and communication, a boost in traffic and a leg up on the competition, particularly in your local market.

Image Credits: Cohlab & L.A. Management Company 

Posted by ChelseO
Monday, 12th May 2014, 10:42pm.
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