4 Brilliant Ways to Woo Other People's Audiences in the City

by Kristen 13th May 2014

Tapping into other people's audiences is a great way to build and strengthen your own. 

Implementing these ideas (or ones like them) into your strategy, will not only attract new followers via an established, flourishing group of viewers, but cultivate a certain respect and authority for your company that will keep them coming back for more.

Speak at a Conference

If you have confidence in your topic, push to get yourself some air time.


Find a high-profile, industry-relative conference and apply to present your company's strategies. By doing this, you will widen your scope of listeners.

For example, a budding designer launching a start-up, could grab a space in the FITC Toronto 2014 to speak on the benefits of using graphics.

Engaging in Q & A sessions, hosting discussions and debates, adding a hashtag or inviting people to your business blog or Facebook page on the last slide of your presentation is a great way to snab new audience members.

Invite Guest Bloggers

 Maintaining a blog is a lot of work if you're running a small business and it can be difficult to gain a following.

Inviting respected industry professionals and enthusiasts to contribute is an efficient way to lighten the load, widen your readership and open yourself up to the eyes of their current audiences.

For example, if you're in charge of "Jo-Jo's Bakery Blog", having a popular pastry chef write a post on how to get those puff pastries just right, will bring all of their readers into your space.




Get Featured

While having well-respected guests is great, being featured on well-known websites is an effective segue into a new sea of new viewers.

Submit a high-quality, relevant post that addresses the needs of the blog's target audience and they're guaranteed to commission another.

If you're a fledgling marketing business, writing for a digital-centric blog like Yabsta Digital's Yablog about the importance of businesses going mobile would be a great way to take advantage of their audience.


Social Media

Everybody knows the expression “gone viral” and the potential of a good social media post.



Many conversations that are relevant to your industry are taking place right now in cyber space and your job is to find them. Engage in blog call-to-actions, answer questions from advice seekers or get involved in current debates on Linkedin.

For example, if SayWow Marketing comes across a discussion on the differences between traditional and inbound forms, a smart move would be to leave a well-formulated, relevant answer that will interest and inform users.


When it comes to growing your audience, it's key to remember that you already posess the expertise, it's just a matter of positioning it where people can see it.

At conferences, popular and relevant blogs and ever-growing social media sites are great places to find new customers that might be interested in what you have to say, be led to what you have to sell and possibly be compelled to buy your fantastic product.

 Where do you score new viewers? 

Let us know on our Facebook page or @YabstaDigital.

Posted by Kristen
Tuesday, 13th May 2014, 09:40pm.
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