3 Quick Tips for Cooler Copywriting

by ChelseO 20th May 2014

Online marketing and persuasive writing go hand in hand. Intended to convince the reader to take action (anything from downloading an eBook to making a purchase), it's a crucial component of the world wide Web and a key player in a successful website. If you're looking to improve, read on for 3 quick tips guaranteed to add that cool factor to your copywriting.

3 Quick Tips for Cooler Copywriting

Nail That Headline

A great headline makes the perfect first impression. Many copywriters swear by the “4 U's Formula,” which states that titles should be Urgent, Unique, Useful and Ultra-Specific. Let the reader know exactly what they're getting before they click through. Be sure to offer a benefit that's too good to pass up. Consider this – which are you more likely to click on, “How to Improve Your Copywriting” or “3 Quick Tips for Cooler Copywriting?”

Target It

Know your audience and target your copywriting to them. Consider who they are: what is their age bracket, occupation, favourite pastime, ideal services? Communication is key to convincing customers that your product or service is the one for them; the better you know who you're speaking to, the easier it is to craft copy that capitalizes on their needs and emotions.

Less is More

Cool copywriting is clear and concise. Persuasive Web content avoids buzzwords or jargon, which often confuse readers, in favour of accessibility. Short paragraphs, punchy sentences and energetic verbs are all a step in the right direction. Reading your work out loud is a great way to pinpoint problem areas, eliminate awkward phrases and boost the conversational tone.

Targeting your work to a specific audience, nailing that headline and striving for clarity are 3 quick tips for copywriting that's cooler and sure to draw a crowd. If you'd like to learn more about this topic, visit YaBlog for useful articles on brand copywriting, the relationship between content marketing and copywriting and more. 

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Posted by ChelseO
Tuesday, 20th May 2014, 07:35pm.
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