3 Ways to Polish Your LinkedIn Profile

by ChelseO 7th July 2014

A valuable marketing tool, LinkedIn is a great resource for individuals and businesses of all sizes. It’s a great social media platform for getting noticed in a busy city like Toronto. When it comes to this network, learning the basics and developing your profile are of the utmost importance. The following are 3 simple ways to polish it and make it truly stand out.

Toronto 3 Ways to Polish Your LinkedIn Profile

Caption Creatively

A little bit of innovation can go a surprisingly long way! Get creative with the caption that goes alongside your profile photo, which is what registers as your profile search result. Optimize this brief line of text with appropriate keywords relating to your experience, education and interests. You have 120 characters - use them wisely.

Choose a Professional Photo

LinkedIn is a corporate network, so when selecting a profile photo, opt for a headshot that captures you at your best. Think polished and professional; that means avoiding “selfies,” cropped shots and blurry re-dos. Taking and uploading a new photograph is more than worth the effort.

Summarize Effectively

While work experience is essential, it should not replace a well-crafted summary. Use this space to highlight your qualifications in an engaging manner. Be conversational, avoid an overload of jargon and explain your career goals and why you're the right person for the job. A little wit never hurts.

Getting creative and standing out among the many other users is key to polishing your LinkedIn profile and putting your best foot forward. An optimized caption, professional photo and stunning summary are 3 ways to boost your presence and begin reaping the rewards of this great social media platform.  

Image Credits: Algonquin College & Google+

Posted by ChelseO
Monday, 7th July 2014, 08:36pm.
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