Spotlight On: The Toronto Sculpture Garden

by ChelseO 16th July 2014

In this new blog series, we're excited to be shining a spotlight on some of the city's most interesting attractions. First up is the Toronto Sculpture Garden, which is a little known gem for both locals and tourists.

Spotlight On: The Toronto Sculpture Garden  Founded in 1981, the Toronto     Sculpture Garden is home to       innovative, contemporary           installations. Situated in the       downtown core at 115 King         Street East, this urban park         provides visual artists of all c       calibre with the opportunity to   work in a new environment.       Individuals are able to             experiment with a wide range of materials and are faced with new challenges such as architectural scale, working outdoors, placement and more.

The garden has hosted works by artists such as Susan Schelle, Brian Groombridge, Carlo Cesta, Brian Scott, Warren Quigley and more, many of whom were commissioned to create public pieces following their respective exhibitions. A civic and privately partnered project, the city owns and operates the Toronto Sculpture Garden as a public park while exhibitions are funded by the L.L.O. Sculpture Foundation, a non-profit run by the Louis L. Odette family. 

Spotlight On: The Toronto Sculpture Garden

The Toronto Sculpture Garden was designed by the city's Civic Design Group, a division of the Planning and Development Department that was in place at the time of opening. A wrought iron fence defines the park and, within, visitors find a low brick retaining wall, benches, beautiful foliage and a stunning waterfall. During the summer months, night lighting allows for public viewing of the sculptures approximately 18 hours a day. It is currently maintained by Don Bennett, Art Advisory Board member and Director of Maintenance, alongside the city's Department of Parks and Recreation.

Looking to learn more? Visit the Toronto Sculpture Garden's website! Here you can browse archives of past installations, from the Inaugural Exhibition, which featured Robert Bowers' Sandcastle and Elisabeth Frink's Horse and Rider to John Marriott's easy to assemble, the Instant Coffee artist collective's Disco Fallout Shelter, Katie Bethune-Leaman's Mushroom Studio and many more. 

Posted by ChelseO
Wednesday, 16th July 2014, 08:17pm.
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