Top Toronto Destinations for Creative Cocktails

by ChelseO 28th August 2014

In recent years, Toronto's bar scene has garnered more and more attention and for good reason: a delicious drink, a patio and the warmth of the sun. What more can you want on a weekend afternoon, or weekday evening, in the big city? The following are 3 of the top Toronto destinations offering an extensive range of creative cocktails that suit summer perfectly.


Yabsta Toronto Cocktails

Toronto's Barchef, located at 472 Queen Street West, is known for it's vast array of often astonishing cocktails. Their drink menu is divided into 4 categories: Punch Bowls, Sweet & Sour, Sipping and Modernist. For groups with a sweet tooth, the Summers Eve punch bowl combines vodka with elderflower presse, chamomile, cucumber, watermelon, soda, fresh basil and fresh mint. The Roasted Lemonade is the perfect combination of sweet and tart comprising vodka, fresh lime, mint syrup, maraschino, roasted black pepper and sugar, while the modernist Vanilla and Hickory Smoked Manhattan is a stunning mix of crown royal special reserve, vanilla infused brandy, cherry and vanilla bitters, hickory smoked syrup, smoked hickory and vanilla. View the full menu here.

The Harbord Room

Yabsta Toronto Cocktails

Owned by Dave Mitton, a chapter president of Canada's Professional Bartenders Association, The Harbord Room was one of the city's very first to offer a refined, unique cocktail list. You can find them at 89 Harbord Street and the journey over is more than worth it. Guests are encouraged to try The Ronald Clayton, which contains a delicious mix of vanilla-infused Crown Royal, organic maple bitters and tobacco tincture and was formulated in honour of the owner's grandfather. Other great choices include the Fire Lake, a fiery combo of Fortuna Mezcal, lemon, grapefruit, agave and soda with a worm and chili salt; and the Georgian Jackass, which was created by the Home of the Brave's Taylor Corrigan and contains Wild Turkey bourbon, lemon, vanilla, peach liqueur, ginger beer and rosemary. Check out more selections here.


Yabsta Toronto Cocktails

Located at 815 Bloor Street West in Christie Pits, Northwood offers one of Toronto's most clever cocktail menus. They are known for crafting their very own cold brew coffee, which they incorporate seamlessly into many drink recipes. Try the Storm Brewing, a surprisingly tasty combo of Kraken rum, Northwood cold brew, ginger beer and lime, or the Black Lodge, a one-two punch of Tromba tequila, Cynar, Northwood cold brew, agave and egg white. If you're not up for a caffeine jolt, the Lady Grey Sour is as delicious as Earl Grey rye, lemon and black pepper sounds. View the full menu here.

From Barchef's Roasted Lemonade to The Harbord Room's Fire Lake and Northwood's Storm Brewing, there is certainly no shortage of creative cocktails in the city of Toronto. Whatever your poison, there's a combination out there that's guaranteed to surprise and delight you and your tastebuds. 

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Image Credit: Cocktail by Gabriel Amadeus, CC License


Posted by ChelseO
Thursday, 28th August 2014, 06:55pm.
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