Advertise With Yabsta Toronto: Our Business Listings

by ChelseO 29th January 2015


Advertising with Yabsta Toronto is a great way to get local businesses of all sizes on the map. If you run a company in the city, whether you're just starting out or well-established and looking to expand, our Business Listings provide targeted exposure and push relevant traffic your way. Read on to learn more about our Elite, Ultra and Regular listings.

Elite Listings

Advertise With Yabsta Toronto: Our Business Listings

Elite Listings, which feature an indigo-tinted backgrounds, are top-level priority in Absolute Local Search results. Each listing comes with 4 descriptive bullet points, a logo ad, secondary keywords for related search, map location pinpoints and an email link. There is also the option to add buttons for special services, such as menus, audio, video, QR codes, Frequently Asked Questions and more.

Ultra Listings

Advertise With Yabsta Toronto: Our Business Listings

Ultra Listings can be found in the search results ahead of Regular Listings. Orange-tinted, they include 2 descriptive bullet points alongside the same range of features described above. Great for modest budgets, additional buttons, such as ones for user reviews, coupons, items or products, photos and more are also available.


Regular Listings

Advertise With Yabsta Toronto: Our Business Listings

Regular Listings, free for all Toronto businesses, are a great option for small companies looking to enhance their online visibility. These listings include a company name and one 'save and share' button. There are many enhancements available for a small fee, including website and email links, map placement, secondary keywords, button services and more.

Interested? Click here to create your free listing today! Contact us to learn more or explore Yabsta Toronto's local search engine, city guide, classified ads and dining guide. 

Posted by ChelseO
Thursday, 29th January 2015, 09:08pm.
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