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by ChelseO 19th February 2015

It's 2015, and over 19 million Canadians (that's half the population!) are using Facebook at least once a month, and the majority of those users are logging on every single day. Accessed via desktop and a wide range of mobile devices, this incredibly popular network is here to stay and our social media team is here to help. Here's how Yabsta Toronto can help your local business join the Facebook revolution. We're available to do the following, and more:

Yabsta Toronto Facebook

We'll Create a Personalized Page, Profile Photo and Cover Photo

Our team is knowledgeable, talented and able to reflect your brand accurately on the Web. We'll design an optimized Facebook page, profile photo and cover photo that is unique, eye catching and lets visitors know what you're all about.

We'll Boost Your “Likes" 

We'll help you determine your target demographic and promote your page to the people who count. Your “likes” will grow as individuals who are likely to interact with your company, such as purchase your products or employ your services, are shown your brand.

We'll Engage Your Audience

Our social media management services include sourcing and posting interesting content, that is related and relevant to your business, on a regular schedule. Posting consistently is a great way to build your fan base, engage your current audience and keep them coming back for more.

We'll Track Your Analytics

At Yabsta Toronto, we report back. We track your Facebook analytics so that you have access to real data that lets you know what's working. This provides great insight into how your page is growing and a full report is available at all times.

To learn more about our range of social media services, contact us today. If you'd like to learn more about Facebook marketing and how it works, click here to download a free eBook.

Image Credit: I Like Facebook by Charis Tsevis and Facebook Logo by AJC1 via Flickr, CC License, no changes made



Posted by ChelseO
Thursday, 19th February 2015, 09:18pm.
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