Get 'Em Next Year with These 5 April Fool's Day Pranks

by ChelseO 2nd April 2015

Get 'Em Next Year with These 5 April Fool's Day Pranks


April Fool's Day has come and gone once again in Toronto...did you participate? If you were the butt of a joke and you'd like to return the favour next year, you've come to the right place. Read on for 5 pranks guaranteed to generate the sweet, sweet taste of revenge.


Mmmm Cookies

This classic joke is perfect for both the home and the office. Take a box of chocolate sandwich cookies, carefully twist them apart and remove the delicious vanilla icing – if you're a true daredevil, scrape it off and eat it as you go! Fill the cookie halves with toothpaste and squish them back together to serve to friends or colleagues...mmmm.


Tech Trip Up

To truly confuse the technology-addicted, wait for your victim to leave the room before changing the background of their smartphone, desktop computer or laptop to a high-resolution image of a cracked screen. Watch them freak out when they return.


Broken Mouse

Perfect for the workplace, this prank is simple and hilarious. While a coworker is out of their office, turn their computer mouse over and add a small piece of tape over the laser on the bottom. The mouse will stop working (no harm done) and it typically takes someone quite a long time to realize what's happening – it's a treat to watch.


Prudent Post-Its

If the forecast is favourable, cover the recipient's room, vehicle or similar space or item with post-it notes! A sizeable task, it's more than worth the effort in the end when it comes as a huge, and colourful, surprise. Just be prepared to help them remove the little squares of paper afterwards.


Different Dessert

Buy a bag of onions and turn them into “candy apples” using popsicle sticks and melted caramel. A sweet prank guaranteed to get 'em good, offer a bite of the tasty dessert to your friends or family. The look on their faces as they take a big bite is priceless.


April Fool's Day is great fun and even more so if you're the one playing the prank! If you fell prey to a joke or two this year, why not prepare a different dessert or some minty cookies for next? Let us know which pranks are your favourite in the comments.


Posted by ChelseO
Thursday, 2nd April 2015, 08:24pm.
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