Get Blogging with These 8 Great Tips

by ChelseO 9th April 2015

Get Blogging with These 8 Great Tips


If you're looking to get noticed online in Toronto's local market, blogging just might be the answer! Whether it's for business or pleasure, it's a great way to get your voice heard. It's important to start out small and really work to figure out what drives traffic, generates readership and increases social media shares. The following tips are sure to start you off on the right foot. 


Produce content regularly. Key to success in the blogosphere, fresh, engaging posts are a huge reason why readers check back – to see what's new.


Boost your inspiration by subscribing to successful, relevant and industry-related blogs. You're guaranteed to learn something new and be inspired.


Schedule your work and stick to it. Launching and maintaining a blog is tough work and developing a schedule for content creation and posting – and sticking to it - makes it easier.


Market it! Blog posts are meant to be consumed and an excellent way to encourage this is to share, share, share on social media. Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and other networks are your friend.


Use great images. Readers are visual creatures and that is something to take advantage of. Eye catching and stimulating, relevant photos also effectively break up blocks of text.


Get creative. By thinking outside the blogging box, you can expand your reach even further. Turn a popular blog series into how-to videos or host an exciting contest.


Brainstorm. When you're feeling motivated, gather a coworker or friend and come up with a list of potential blog topics to keep on hand. Later on, it's quick and easy to choose one and start writing.


Write efficiently. Opt for short paragraphs and bullet points, which are simple to read, instead of long paragraphs of text.


Do you blog? Got any tried-and-true tips? Let us know in the comments!


Posted by ChelseO
Thursday, 9th April 2015, 07:17pm.
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