Get Blogging with These 8 Great Tips: Part 2

by ChelseO 16th April 2015

Get Blogging with These 8 Great Tips: Part 2


Generate traffic, boost SEO, establish industry authority and drive conversion and results for your Toronto small business with a blog! A great way to get going online in 2015, it's one aspect of content marketing you shouldn't miss out on. Read on for 8 great blogging tips and be sure to check out Part 1 of this series.


Stand out from the crowd. Differentiating yourself from the many other bloggers out there and creating great content is key to success.


Keep SEO in mind. Search engine optimization helps your blog get found – add relevant keywords to paragraphs, captions, image tags and more.


Publish original information that users find useful. Give them what they'd pay for – for free!


Craft headlines that attract attention and entice the reader to click through. Short and sexy pays off.


When it comes to conversational versus corporate tones, the former goes a long way. Choose an active, friendly voice, avoid industry jargon and keep paragraphs short.


There's a person behind those posts – let your personality shine through and you'll be rewarded for it.


Develop a connection with and grow your audience via email. Add a sign up button to the homepage or sidebar of your blog and offer something in return for signing up, like a free download.


Encourage contributions from guest bloggers. From industry experts to writing-savvy colleagues, these posts offer a fresh, new perspective.


Provide value for readers through educating and informing them. While there is absolutely nothing wrong with the occasional self-promotional post, the bulk of your content should answer readers' questions and encourage them to take specific actions.


Opt for excellent information architecture. Tag and categorize your posts and make navigation simple and clear. Readers must be able to find what they're looking for in order for a blog to be successful.


Do you run a blog in the city? Leave your top tips and a link in the comments!  

Posted by ChelseO
Thursday, 16th April 2015, 08:10pm.
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