5 Content Marketing Secrets for the City

by ChelseO 8th July 2015

5 Content Marketing Secrets for the City


In a city as big as Toronto, it pays to stand out and content marketing is an excellent way to do it. There are many benefits, including positioning your brand as an expert, enhancing your company's image, building strong relationships, generating customers and more – and it's cost-effective. If you're looking to launch your small business in the downtown core, read on for 5 simple, easy-to-execute ideas.


  1. Give people what they really want. Users are much more likely to share blog posts, articles, videos and more that give them the information they're looking for.
  2. Boost your views with infographics. An interesting way to combine visuals with need-to-know facts, infographics have grown in popularity and frequently go viral. Learn more about the benefits here.
  3. Film an instructional video. A hit on the Web today, video allows you to showcase how-tos related to your niche industry. Engaging for potential and current customers, this type of content lets you show, instead of tell, how a specific product or service works. 74% of consumers, according to a study conducted by Animoto, stated that watching a product video before purchasing was quite helpful.
  4. Get social! A tried and true trick of the trade, sharing your content on networks like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn encourages interaction, shares, downloads, traffic and more. 
  5. What about multimedia? Slideshows and audio, alongside video, have been taking the content marketing world by storm. The former are easy to digest, visually stimulating and simple to create via software like Microsoft Power Point while the latter, such as podcasts, are growing in popularity

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Posted by ChelseO
Wednesday, 8th July 2015, 11:57pm.
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