Balzac's Coffee Roastery

43 Hanna Ave., Scarborough, ON, Canada, M6K 1X1
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Balzac's Roasters is a popular coffee roastery located in Ontario. They micro-roast high-grown Arabica beans in single 20-pound batches in Ontario, and boast 4 cafe locations in the city of Toronto. 

Balzac's Roasters offers a range of Fair Trade, organic roasts. They serve professionally-made, delicious coffee-based beverages alongside baked goods and other food. With a focus on local ingredients and sustainability, all sugar and cocoa is also Fair Trade and organic. 

  • Coffee roastery
  • Cafe setting
  • Beans micro-roasted in Ontario
  • High grown Arabica beans sold in 20 pound batches
  • 4 Toronto cafe locations
  • Fair Trade Organic coffee, sugar and cocoa
  • Founded in 1996